Exclusive Training for Guys Looking To Effortlessly Attract Women
How to Unlock Your Attraction “X-Factor”, So You Become Irresistible to Women, Have Them Texting You and Chasing You For Dates

No more chasing women, no more not knowing what to say with your texts and no more women flaking you on your dates.

No more chasing women, no more not knowing what to say with your texts and no more women flaking you on your dates.

AJ Harbinger & Johnny Dzubak
Co-Founders, The Art of Charm
Creators of The X-Factor Accelerator™
This Is What You’ll Learn...
  • How to become irresistible to women so they are chasing you!
  • How to turn on the charm when communicating with women, so they cannot get enough of you
  • How to have your friends shaking their heads in disbelief as to how you got “the” girl!
  • How to unlock your attraction “X-Factor” today!

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AJ Harbinger
AJ was on the fast track, pursuing his Ph.D. in Cancer Biology at the University of Michigan and working in the high pressure environment of a research lab. He would learn that performing well at your job isn’t always enough as he was passed over for opportunities and even having some of his proudest contributions overlooked. Something was missing.

His desire to figure it out was the inspiration for starting the Art of Charm Podcast over a decade ago. It was an opportunity to talk to world class experts and high achievers and learn how they found success in all areas of their lives. It was the scientist in him - have a problem, study it, and break down what’s going on.

He had no idea his “experiment” would lead him to hosting some of the most interesting people in the world from the late Kobe Bryant to Tim Ferriss. Those conversations totally shifted his life and set him on a path to building a successful business, speaking to large audiences, and serving other self-described introverts.

The achievement he is most proud of is getting the opportunity to coach 1000s of individuals on how to chase their own dreams and live extraordinary lives.
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